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Universal Design of Learning has been talked about for over a decade. It is a term commonly used in education and taught in post-secondary education. One of the problems with UDL is that we often do not completely understand what it looks like. What does it look like when a lesson uses UDL or when a classroom consistently implements UDL. This page will provide examples to assist in answering such questions as well as developing a list of resources which may be helpful. Some of these resources have been discussed in other blog posts and some are new. This page will be constantly updated. Please share your resources as well, especially examples of what UDL looks like!

New resource:  UDL Connect Online Community

New resource: Learning Variability

CAST: Learning Tools: Mostly free or low cost software which can be applied to any classroom.

UDL Toolkits: Teaching Every Student: resources and training procedures

Teaching Every Student: Multiple resources on UDL

UDL Exchange: Home: Share and download UDL lessons

Universal Design for Learning Series: training videos & Guides

UDL & Secondary Transition: Looks at supports students with disabilities during transition

Universal Design for Learning - The ACCESS Project - Colorado State University: Clear instructions on how to improve accessibility.

Jing: Free Version allows screen shots and capture video.  This is a great way to make tutorials, have students design simple presentations, use in online learning environments etc.

Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share: Free programming software for students of all ages.

Chrome Web Store - ChromeVox: Web Screen Reader

 Assistive Technology Options & Resources

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